About Me

Sheelah, The Teacher for Inclusion, is a full-time English teacher, mom, and wife. With 14 years of teaching experience, she brings a dynamic level of expertise to teachers. She has experience in administration, teaching journalism, yearbook, English of all levels, including Gate and ELL for grades 8-12.

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My Profile

Teaching Experience

I have taught literature, English, journalism, and yearbook for a total of 14 years. In addition I was an Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction. What I notice about learning is that there must be a connection between the student and the material in order to fully engage students in the learning process. In my lessons, I try to do just that while also meeting standard requirements etc. I have shared mine-and more important-student favorites with you here. I went into administration however, but because my real passion is for working with adolescents, I have devoted the last 14 years to teaching at top-ranked high schools. I have taught English courses in grades 8-12 and especially enjoy designing curricula for honors courses, specialized electives, and Advanced Placement courses such as AP Literature.

Teaching Style

My classroom is a collaborative chatty one. I use Socratic seminars, 4-corner discussions, philosophical chairs, small and large group activities, carousel activities, graphic novels, gallery walks, Vocabulary activities, comprehension questions, a multitude of activities and handouts. I also use resources from AVID that I have picked up over the years. My units are planned with engagement in mind, and my lessons are challenging and effective. Students may walk in with a silent warm-up activity one day and have a dance warm-up the next. Additionally I use one-pager, book reports, reading responses. We do several novel studies as well where we analyze a text fiction and non-fiction. I use Costa’s question cues in order to maximize high level thinking or critical thinking skills. When I have a sub, I typically use a handout to keep things simple. Students will write literary analysis essays, narrative essays, expository essays, and persuasive essays each year.

Teaching Highlight

I was nominated and won the nomination for the Aspiring Administrator Program. I have published an article on females and STEM learning. My journalism students won 9-1st place ribbons, and last year our yearbook won a second place ribbon.

Sample Books Selected for Inclusion

Ghost Boys, Dear Martin, Wicked, To Kill a Mockingbird, Patina, Ghost, Class Act, Refugee, Rebound, Crossover, The 57 Bus, Hey Kiddo, The Hate You Give, Booked, Lu, Monster, Great Gatsby, Ghosts, Persepolis, New Kid, Hamilton, What It Is, Social Emotional Learning, Anne Frank’s Diary, The Called US Enemy, The Most Dangerous Game, Sunny, Long Way Down, Speak, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The House on Mango Street.

Resources For Grades

6th – 12th

Subjects Available

English, Literature, Journalism, Drama, Yearbook, Psychology, Technical Theatre, and ELL

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