11 Best Back to School Classroom Organization You Can’t Live Without!

Classroom Organizatioon
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Back to School Classroom Organization sounds like a daunting task, but you can make it fun with these creative ideas. It’s time for back to school shopping! Cheer up and add creativity and organization to your classroom starting yourself off on the right foot! There are many places you can get low-priced items to make your classroom a hit. We are going to talk classroom decor and organization tips that will make your life easier. None of my suggestions are affiliate links; nor am I trying to sell you anything. These are ideas you can either buy or DIY. No kick backs for my recommendations.

Back To School Classroom Organization: Lego Decor

Kids love Legos! Below is a Lego classroom Decoration Kit sold on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is Lego decor that includes: hall passes bin labels, name tags, large alphabet letters, a welcome banner, numbers, and a puzzle piece border. You can find this at my store at Teachers Pay Teachers at Lego Classroom Decor Bundle by Teacher for Inclusion | TpT (teacherspayteachers.com) There are many teacher seller authors on Teachers Pay Teachers that sell the same items, labels etc., in different themes.

Decor and Organization

Lego Decor from Teachers Pay Teachers Shop

Match your lego classroom decor to the Dollar Tree’s giant wall art for only $1. It can be found at The Dollar Tree.

Giant Lego Wall Art at the Dollar Tree

Back to School Classroom Organization: Editable Objectives Idea

Save time and energy all year by using these editable objectives! They are $6.25 at Teachers Pay Teachers in the Learning in Wonderland Shop. The shop owner is a keynote speaker at the Teachers Pay Teachers conference so you know her work is legit. Put the subject on the wall and change the objective beneath it each day. The best part is they are editable, so if you need to change the wording-no problem!

Editable Objectives

Back to School Classroom Organization: Calendar Kit

Do you ever lose track of the date? Below is an easy calendar kit I found at Learning in Wonderland for $6.75 at Classroom Calendar Set | Digital Calendar Kit | Decor | Distance Learning (teacherspayteachers.com). Each day in a well-organized classroom, teachers go over the date and have a student call it out for practicing organization skills. With this easy kit, you can have a student put the date on the calendar each day.

Editable calendar kit

Back to School Classroom Organization: Classroom Rules

A great way to keep classroom management under control is to ensure that students know the rules for your classroom. An easy way to do this is to post each rule up so you can point when a student is not following the rules. I found these classroom rules posters at First Grade Fun for $4.00 on Teachers Pay Teachers at Classroom Decor Classroom Rules with Writing Activities | TpT (teacherspayteachers.com) I like the teacher’s statement that “We Are a Classroom Family”. It seems very inclusive.

Classroom rules for classroom management

Back to School Classroom Organization: Classroom Jobs

Jobs are soooo important to students. They give them a sense of confidence and responsibility. Most students take them very seriously. Here is a way to stay organized by displaying student jobs for the week or month in the classroom. I like this items because it is clean and simple. This product can be found at Teachers Pay Teachers for $4.00 by Samantha Henry at Class Jobs (editable) – School Pop Decor by Samantha Henry | TpT (teacherspayteachers.com)

Classroom jobs

Numbers Posted in Your Classroom

Just as you need alphabet letters for student practice, you also need numbers for multiple things like numbering tables, students, groups, days of the week, classwork, etc. I found these great numbers at Teachers Pay Teachers for $4.00 by the teacher seller author, Teaching Superkids at Number Posters Classroom Decor by Teaching Superkids | TpT (teacherspayteachers.com)

Classroom numbers

Teacher Supplies

Most teachers have to buy their own supplies to fulfill their needs in the classroom due to major budget cuts. If you are one of these teachers check out the supplies you can find at The Dollar Tree for only $1 prior to shopping at pricier places. You can find all supplies needed at the dollar tree at the following link: Glass Vases, Party Supplies, Cleaning & More (dollartree.com) I always forget to look here first and the next thing I know I’m a $1,000 deep in classroom supplies.

$1 Supplies from the dollar tree

Bins for Organization

To stay organized, here are matching classroom supply bins you can find for only $1 dollar at the dollar tree. Keep your supplies or student work organized all year. You can organize by student names, tables, supply list, and more. Bin labels can be found at Teachers Pay Teachers in different style themes.

Matching class bins at the Dollar Tree

Creative Ways to Post Important Information

Use a bag of clothes pins and a hot glue gun to post student work, announcements, and other important information around the classroom. These are $1 at the Dollar Tree at Glass Vases, Party Supplies, Cleaning & More (dollartree.com) I use a large bulletin board I purchase from Staples or Office Depot, and hot glue gun these small clothes pins on it. I use them for important announcements, missed assignments each day, and to display student work. They are great and if secured with a glue gun they stick.

Clothes pins for showing student work

Student Birthdays

Keeping student birthdays organized can be a bear of a task. Especially with everything a teacher has on the daily calendar. Every year I try to acknowledge student birthdays, and every year I fail. Here is a way I found to keep student birthdays easily organized and myself accountable. In addition, students can help to keep birthday recognitions in check. To make it even easier, you can assign this task to a student helper. The tags, labels, nails, and chalk can be found at the Dollar Tree.

Organize birthdays using tags from the Dollar Tree

Creative Decor DIY

Looking for creative, cheap ways to decorate your classroom? Use crayons to create wall letters for the alphabet, or as a letter for your last name. Use a poster paper, hot glue gun, old crayons. Split the crayons in half to use for parts of the letter. Write your name in marker in the bottom right-hand corner. The frames and crayons can be found for $1 at The Dollar Tree.

Crayon Art for Teacher Name or Alphabet Letters

Back to School Project Assignment

If you are looking for a great assignment to welcome students back to the classroom, try this Cultural Goggles Poster. Students write about the things that are most important to them, and learn that everyone enters the room looking through their own cultural goggles. All students are different and they share their experiences with the class. This helps to set up a class environment that is inclusive and safe. This assignment can be found at Teachers pay Teachers link: Cultural Goggles Assignment: Eliminate Our Cultural Bias Poster | TpT (teacherspayteachers.com)

Cultural Goggles Poster Assignment

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I would love to hear about your teacher favorites or deals you have found for your classroom! Leave your teacher favorites in the comments below!

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