Bridge to Terabithia Katherine Peterson Novel Study




Bridge to Terabithia Katherine Paterson novel study includes all lessons necessary for a successful novel study unit. Your students will enjoy the rigor and creativity of these lessons built on best teaching practices.
  • Philosophical Chairs Collaborative Discussion: All worksheets included
  • Essay
  1. Prompt
  2. Outline
  3. Rubric
  4. Self-edit
  • Roll the Dice Activity Game
  • Journal Prompts
  • Vocabulary worksheet
  • Costa’s questions worksheet
  • Claim/evidence worksheet
  • Compare/contrast worksheet
  • Chapter by chapter questions with key
  • Quiz
  • Double journal response worksheet
  • Reading comprehension questions
  • Purpose of Reading questions
  • Close reading text and questions
  • Activities/journal prompts
  • Plot structure diagram worksheet
  • One-pager theme project assignment
  • Keys, teacher notes, and teacher guides
  • Inference Activity

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